Tricks to score in exam

Tricks to score 99% in ICSE exams

The time has come when every student has started to work hard for their ICSE board exams. The fact is that every student can score 99% marks in his examination without any impact of his older scores. The main thing is to stay positive and study as hard as you can. There are some simple but very effective tips and tricks to follow while preparing for your exams and you can achieve 99% marks that you always dreamed of.

  1. Clear the concepts

It is very important to go deeper into understanding every concept because that way you will remember it better and longer. For this, you can use a reference book along with your textbook and take guidance from your teacher to clear your doubts. Always remember, there should be no doubts left while preparing for an exam. There are many reference books available in the market for every subject so be wise in choosing the right ones by asking your friends and teachers about their experience.

2. Group studies are helpful

Most of the students like to do group study as it makes you comfortable and also let you hang out with your friends. But that is not the reason for which we are suggesting you study in a group. The main advantage of group studies is that you can learn different things from your friend in different ways and also can share your own ideas for learning. Every student has his own style of learning things and while studying in a group you can share it with each other. The group studies are also beneficial by giving you a sense of competition from your study mates and this can lead you to some self-analysis.

3. Quit counting hours

It is a myth in many students that if they study for long hours then they will score better. It is completely normal if you study for a few hours lesser than others as long as you study with very good concentration. In easy words, quality is better than quantity. It is not necessary that you keep holding your books for while day but not studying with full focus. If you do not focus on the quality of your study time then you will only end up with fatigue and stress with very less amount of knowledge.

4. Previous years’ papers are the key

Every student knows how important the previous years’ question papers are but still many students fail to attempt them all. The best way to finish these papers is by starting solving them as soon as possible. These question papers contain many questions that might come into your examination and they also help you in understanding the paper pattern. It is highly suggested to solve as many papers as you can. You should also include mock test papers in your practice as soon as you finish up with your course.

5. Make notes

There are many students who do not believe in making notes on their own. They borrow notes from other students or just take them from ex-students. It is not a good thing to do if you really want to score 99% on your exams. It is correct that making notes takes a lot of time but that time is only invested in the way to score well in the exams. The right thing to do is start making your own notes as soon as the session starts and finish them up as soon as possible. This way you will have plenty of time to use them for clearing up your concepts and learning them.

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