Having Trouble In Property Dealings? Consult A Property Advocate In Mumbai

Are you a dealer of properties in Mumbai? Then you must be in need of a permanent attorney of real estate, right? Selecting an advocate, who is ready to help with your various real estate needs, is very critical and important decisions to make. You just want someone who does not only have full knowledge and information regarding the laws of Mumbai real estate but at the same time, you just need someone with whom you can share the good comfort level. Before moving further, let’s discuss the works of property advocate in Mumbai.

The job of real estate lawyer:

The property advocates are the experts on various things related to real estate. They possess the expertise in the fields mentioned below:

  • They are specialized in various legal skills which they apply to matters of property dealing.
  • Fighting lawsuits against builders or any third party.
  • Preparing documents for sale and purchase of the property.
  • They also give legal guidance to their master in matters of sale and purchase of real estate property.

Cases that can successfully be handled by such attorneys:

One should choose that attorney on whom they can rely confidently in case of turmoil or other concerns of real estate. These lawyers can be hired for any f the below-mentioned purpose:

  • Commercial or residential disputes between the landlord and the tenant
  • Any kind of negotiation and review of contract agreements
  • Contact enforcement in case of purchase and sale of real estate property
  • Realtor defence
  • Zoning disputes
  • Issues related to land development and construction

Factors to be considered for selection of a real estate attorney:

If you want the matters of real state to be managed and controlled effectively and efficiently, you must find best real estate attorney in Mumbai. In order to find such lawyers one must consider the following factors:

  • Experience of the lawyer
  • Extent of expertise possessed by him in the field of real estate
  • Number of cases handled before
  • Number of cases won by him
  • Availability that is, whether he is available for the time period as specified by you or not.
  • Fees charged by him per case
  • His behaviour and way of talking towards his previous clients
  • The comfort level that you share with him.

Steps to follow:

In order to select a right attorney, one must follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Search for various lawyers and compare the necessary factors like skills, fees, experience etc.
  • Interview the lawyers who has been shortlisted
  • Review his previous cases and his behaviour and opinions towards his previous clients.
  • Notice how comfortable you are with him
  • Choose the one you find more suitable and as per your requirement
  • Hire him by signing a contract.

It can be little hectic and difficult to choose the right advocate and for that purpose on can seek advice from their friends or colleagues who’s been dealing with these lawyers on a regular basis.


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