Ways to Mint Money on Instagram as a Graphic Designer

Ways to Mint Money on Instagram as a Graphic Designer

With more than 800 million monthly active users and also, the highest per-follower engagement & interaction rate among all other social networking sites, today, Instagram is supposed to be an integral component of your lives and it is, therefore, certainly a huge business. Instagram is a versatile social media platform that has experienced a phenomenal growth rate and presently boasts more than two million active advertisers as of 2017.

You must know that around 70 percent of brands seem to be on this powerful social media platform. If we just consider the world’s top 100 brands, you would be excited to know that 90 percent of them are on Instagram. Moreover, over 96 percent of top American fashion brands are present on this magnetic platform. 80% of Instagram users seem to be following some business and since users constantly are using this platform to look for illustrators and qualified graphic designers to collaborate or work with, it is of pivotal importance for creative people to be on this social media platform if you are looking for phenomenal growth and Insta-success.

If you are thinking of making money via this versatile platform, you must start focusing on creating engaging posts that are able to reach a wide majority of your target audience. However, this is not a simple exercise. You must remember that utilizing this amazing platform for maximum benefits is not only about stuffing your posts with loads of hashtags, or taking chic pictures of your breakfast or simply having the highest number of followers. There is more to Instagram than you could see!

In 2016, Instagram came up with the Instagram Stories, a hugely popular and successful Instagram feature and it made certain modifications to its algorithms. This change implied that pictures would not be appearing in the usual chronological order anymore on the users’ feeds but these would be showcased based on the relationships and interests of the users. This actually implies that Instagram would henceforth, be giving priority to those posts that are more engaging and relevant to your target audience or followers. So how could you think of harnessing your Instagram feeds as a creative person for making more money? Here are some expert tips for budding graphic designers.

The Switchover to Instagram Business

The easiest and quickest way of getting insight into your freelance graphic designer Instagram account is to switch from the typical personal Instagram account to the specialized Instagram business account. This would be providing you with valuable insight into the accounts of your followers, allows you to see precisely how your specific posts are actually performing and you could create promotions. Moreover, you could now add a CONTACT button to your Instagram account. Use the professional services of Gramblast for perfect digital marketing solutions.

Create an Effective Bio with Appropriate Link

Your bio must necessarily tell other users precisely who you are, demonstrate your personality, and express clearly what you are doing for a living. Since Instagram is primarily a visual platform, you simply cannot use a hazy, out of focus, and a grainy picture as your profile photo. You must use a high-resolution picture that would attract instant attention. You could consider posting an active link on your bio. You must choose this important link with a lot of care and wisdom. The link could be directed to your freelancer graphic design website or your recent project. You may consider using a Bit.ly link. You could then keep updating where you are directed to by the Bit.ly.

Regard Your Instagram Feed Just Like Your Portfolio

Your feed must necessarily be visually cohesive to the extent possible and must demonstrate your unique creative style as a graphic designer. Focus on consistency as your followers would be happy if they can predict what to expect from you. Try to be a curator. It is best to consider taking an outside look specifically at your feed.

Keep in mind that it would be taking a reasonable amount of time for people to ultimately appreciate, acknowledge, and recognize your work. It is quite natural for people to connect you only with a couple of things. So it is best if you are concerned only with creating an audience base, you may go on doing the same things again and again.

Your ultimate aim is to stay entertained yourself and not get bored. You must try and achieve a distinctive visual cohesion and approach your Instagram feed just like you would handle your portfolio. Think carefully about how all your shots would be looking next to one another, and add variety.

Abstain from taking all the pictures from one and the same angle. Using a color scheme and filters could help in expressing the purpose of your work. You may incorporate meticulously curated work-in-progress or even the behind-the-scenes posts for demonstrating your personality and making users feel proud and happy that you are providing unique insight.

Use Instagram Stories & Interesting Videos

Remember videos would be getting more comments as compared to pictures. You may consider using apps like Boomerang and Hyperlapse for creating short clips. In this context, you must realize that Instagram Stories that should be disappearing after 24 hours is a great way of engaging with your followers. As a graphic designer, you must make it a habit to post on Instagram Stories to grab more attention. There is certainly a huge scope to be innovative and creative on Instagram Stories, so go for it all you budding graphic designers out there!

Conclusion: Do Not Forget To Engage with Others

It is preferable to have a relatively smaller audience but a fully-engaged one, rather than having a huge audience but unengaged one. The key to success for promising graphic designers is interacting actively with your followers and others who have the same passion as yours and inspire you. If someone comments on your post, you must counter comment and acknowledge his or her opinion. If someone wants to know something and leaves a query, you must respond at once as people would appreciate that. You may effectively make clever use of the Repost App for reposting posts from other users. For instance, repost your customers’ photos and consider experimenting with generating your own hashtag. You may encourage others to use your hashtag while posting about you. Remember when you are looking for graphic design inspiration on a daily basis for boosting your own graphic design projects, nothing could ever match the fascinating visual treats offered on Instagram.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit Gramblast and learn how to build more follower presence.


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