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Which Web Hosting Provider Offers Easy Site Management Tools?

Most web hosting providers will offer either cPanel or Plesk which are control panels with their hosting packages. You can enjoy the freedom to choose a control panel with a dedicated or VPS package. Earlier, managing a hosting account could be quite tricky but the situation today is different. There are many user-friendly tools offered by web hosts like the Go4hosting control panels which have streamlined server management tasks.

One of the key reasons why businesses prefer to sign up with Go4hosting is because of the Go4hosting control panels. This control panel will allow you to manage the account through a single window. So, you can get information like billing, data usage and even change settings like resource usage settings and security settings. Since there is just one interface to deal with, it saves a lot of time and effort for business owners. It makes account management simple and people now do not need to possess a lot of technical skills to do this.

Why do you need control panels?

  • Go4hosting control panels are integral parts of the GUI or Graphical User Interface and their job is to make sire management hassle-free. They will contain many groups of panel applets. Such control panels are most useful for those with very limited hosting experience. The job of these control panels is to integrate all features into single intuitive software that is easy to use even for newcomers.
  • Using the control panels, you can create domains and manage these with only some clicks. The control panels will give you options through which you may add DNS records for domain names or delete DNS files.
  • When you use Plesk, you can even install custom scripts and applications. For instance, you may use the control panel to get a blog or forum or shopping cart.
  • You can even get reports of visitors and resource usage from control panels. These statistical tools allow you to be updated about people coming to the site. You can even verify load on the server and this allows for better server management.
  • One of the biggest benefits of using control panels is that it lets you automate some tasks. This means to set up multiple email accounts, you can simply use a single-click option. You may install automated backups which are to be conducted at regular intervals. You could also have auto-responders to emails.

Go4hosting lets you choose the cPanel or the Plesk when you sign up with them. The cPanel or WHM is user-friendly which allows the web hosting provider and its clients the freedom to manage servers seamlessly. Using the interface you can manage domains, accounts and servers. This control panel which Go4hosting offers its users can help you to run your business smoothly at every level. Customers can get access to the tools at any time from any place as long as they are connected to the Internet. Using the WHM you can also allocate new accounts and tweak security configurations, set up add-on software etc.

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