What a Weight Loss Surgery is all About?

With stress being an important component of our life, most people are putting on extra weight.  So what to do? Weight loss surgery is indeed becoming a popular option when all other weight loss mechanisms have failed to yield the desired results. A failure of these methods means that a person is not able to lose weight and there is no considerable in the improvement levels as well.  Weight loss if not addressed at early stage can lead to complications like cancer or heart diseases.

What is the surgery?

This is a surgery that is performed on people who are obese. A series of procedures are advocated in this regard. It is undertake with reduction or removal of a portion of the stomach. With these procedures long term weight loss is achieved and your mortality levels are reduced from 23% to 40 %.

The core benefit of this form of surgery has to be weight loss. By undergoing this surgery you can reduce your weight by as high as 80 % . Though this may vary from a person to person, but for an average person this is a standard parameter.

Are you a candidate for this form of surgery?

This is a surgery that is recommended for someone morbidly obese or overweight. Most patients would have tried to slim down with weight or exercise but positive results would not have been achieved. Doctors do go on to carefully observe a patient to find out whether they are a candidate for weight loss surgery. If the patient is not keen to be part of pre surgery work and diet, then the doctor may not ask you to go for the surgery.  In order to qualify for a weight loss surgery your body mass index should be around 40 +.

You need to consider the fact that this works out to be a life changing decision and a lot of thought needs to go in this decision. It is suggested that you do educate about the pros and cons of this form of surgery before you opt for one.


The recovery phase could be very emotional and taxing on the patient. Here you would need the support of your near and dear ones. There are lot of support groups who can help you overcome this. They would manage your food addiction and work out a remedial measure in helping you cope up with it.

Why India

Weight loss surgery cost in India is rated to be among the lowest in the world. Coupled with the fact that most of the surgeons have hands on experience in providing quality treatment for the patients. Once you are opting for bariatric surgery cost in India, you can be assured that the latest in the world of technology will be used. In addition there is no waiting list in the hospitals. You can get admitted on one day and the surgery is going too performed in a couple of days as well.

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