What are Dash Cams and Why We Need Them

An interesting device for the people who travel a lot. The Dash Cam or Dashboard Camera is an onboard camera that records the view of the route through front wind screens, rear view  windows etc. It also records the inner view of the vehicle allowing an access of 360°.It can also send pictures using the internet access at 4g.They provide a wide range of coverage and can be placed anywhere at the top, back or dashboard of the car with the help of the mounting adhesive tape. The camera provide a very good quality range as per the choice including the 1080p i.e. H D quality.

With the installation of Dash Cam in the vehicle, it becomes an intelligent one, which means it can keep a record of motion while parking and help in the betterment of surveillance system. A motion sensor is also attached with the same so that it can detect a human or vehicle approaching and record the information. Some Dash Cam include touch screens, which are variant in size.

There are various types of Dashboard Camera available depending on the sort of view they provide. Some Dash Cam are available with batteries while some work on an external source of supply. They can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket provided in the car or can be attached directly to the main circuit of the same.

The main functions to be performed by Dashboard Camera are-

  • Firstly, the main purpose is to provide a non tampered video of the way, so that in case of any trouble or accident, the whole scenario can be evaluated.
  • It also ensures that 24/7 parking surveillance can be taken.
  • It also saves the location of the place where the vehicle is present.
  • Also a lot of people who love travelling want to make videos of their ways.

Dashboard Camera in car was a trend that started in Russia and became popular worldwide at a striking speed. It is very  famous in many Asian countries including India, Malaysia.

While purchasing the Dash Cam one must keep a lot of factors in mind such as video quality, cost efficiency, installation ease, collision detection, speech support system, wireless cameras are preferred more . It must go on standby when the car engine is turned off so that the power can be saved. An interesting feature people look for is live streaming of the video on your tablet, smart phone etc. so that they can share their videos or pictures with their companions on the way.

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