What Are The Challenges Faced By Shirt Manufacturers In India?

What Are The Challenges Faced By Shirt Manufacturers In India?

When we go to buy a shirt, there are a million things we look into. The shirt has to be long-lasting, soft and we have many more considerations. It needs to suit the climate too. India has a tropical climate and people in this region need shirts and clothing that suit the climate. The shirt manufacturers in India need to make it a point to select what the customers and the shopkeepers require. There are many brands and manufacturers and the customers will be able to get exactly what they need.

The fabrics available:

Single and double ply: The ply refers to the number of yarns that are twisted together to make the thread. The double ply is superior to the single ply. They feel smoother and are more luxurious.

Fabric composition: To make a single shirt, the shirt manufacturers in India use different materials. The most famous are cotton and linen as they are suitable for the tropical climate. Lycra is blended with cotton to make it stretchable. The composition of the materials used can determine the nature of the shirt.

There are also many different fabric weaves. The weaves determine the texture, breathability and durability of the shirts.

The challenges faced:

There are no industries that get a profit without facing any challenges. The shirt manufacturers in India also face a lot of problems. They need to have inventory intelligence. Certain things cannot be controlled by the manufacturer or the seller. The weather and many other aspects can cause the shirts to sell at a lower rate. The manufacturers must be able to store the shirt and keep it safe and free from dust and dirt. They work for brands and they need to keep brand loyalty. They have a meticulously planned supply chain and it is very important for the manufacturer to stick to it. The quality should be maintained to keep customer loyalty. They must know when what will be sold and manufactured accordingly. They need to keep improving the efficiency and the quality and once developed, they should be able to increase the speed. With a million available brands, it is not easy to get an advantage to start leading the market. One of the major challenges faced by the shirt manufacturers in India is getting a competitive advantage. They need to be on top to gain the best profit.

With all these, they still make sure the customers get what they want. From the selection of materials to weaving, making it perfect and selling, they need to make sure it is all perfect. they work to save the name of the brand and keep it going perfectly. One small mess up can cause a lot of problems for the entire brand. There are a million weaves to choose from. Choosing one of satin, dobby, poplin, oxford and many other weaves remains a challenge at any time. They should choose the perfect material to suit the climate and different needs. It should fully satisfy the customers. The shirt manufacturers in India need to be extremely careful and talented.


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