What to Unpack First When You Move into a New Place

When moving to a new place, there is a lot of excitement but on the other side, the stress of unpacking things is always there. While the best Top National Moving Companies would help you pack and move your belongings efficiently, you will have to take care of unpacking on your own. So, it is a tough job and given below is a small guide which explains what to unpack first.

Open up box

The first thing which comes into our mind is to open up the box which has all your essentials. So in that case the essential box or the open up box is there which has a proper label about it, open that first. It has all your immediate items such as your food, toiletries, medicines, clothes, linens, tools, basic kitchenware, and other essentials that will help you to have a bath, make a proper meal, have a good sleep, reassemble furniture, first aid medicines etc.. If you are driving to a place which is little far then there are a number of essential boxes, so on the first few days open up those boxes and relax before moving further.

Which room to unpack first

What room to unpack first totally relies on the time at which you will arrive at your new home? If you have around eight hours before you go to bed then choosing the kitchen set up first is a good option. As you have already opened the essential box then setting your kitchen is a good option as you can sleep on mattress to together in one room for a day or so.


You can even open the bedroom stuff and start preparing on that. To begin with set up the bed and put linens on it. If there is a need to reassemble the beds then do that first and then the mattresses should be taken out and put them in place. Put the sheet above it, lay the pillows and make your master bedroom ready. Now by this, you will be tired. So take out your nightwear and the clothes and shoes for the next day and then go to sleep. If your room has windows then fixing curtains first is also advisable.


Set up your toilet as it is very important. You require toilet paper, hand soap, and hand towels as soon as you arrive in your new home. So once you are settling the bed, set your toilet too as that is to be used by everyone. Don’t forget to hang shower curtains as very next day you will require it the most. Even the products of your daily use such as toothbrush, shampoo, hair conditioner, deodorant, and cosmetic products should be taken out. After that take out all your medicine and put them in a cabinet. Don’t forget to take your prescribed drugs on time.

Once this all is done then gradually you can move to the kid’s rooms, guest room or your drawing room. As these things are the ones which are most important so setting them at priority should be there.


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