Why is Bravecto best for preventing fleas and ticks from your dog?

Why is Bravecto best for preventing fleas and ticks from your dog?

Meta Description- Neither your dog nor will you like it if they get affected by fleas or ticks. What can you do to prevent it from affecting them? The best solution is by using Bravecto, it will not only save your dog from ticks and fleas but also do that within 2 hours.

The problem that generally affects our dog is tick and fleas. To prevent your dog from these harmful and irritating problems you will get many medicines in the market.

There are many flea and tick collars, lotions, shampoos, tablets, and many more that may prevent flea and tick collar.

But when we human being use medicine we are careful about it right! We make sure whether the medicine will suite us or not? Whether we will get any kind of side effects? For how many days we have to apply for the medicine? Like this many other questions come in our head.

It is the same with our dogs and other pets also. Every brand or type of medicine may not suit them. Since they don’t have the capability to buy medicine or think whether the medicine will work for them or not, we have to do the thinking.

You may get various brand of medicine for your dogs but have to see which brand is suitable for them. And if you are too confused or not capable of doing the job then it is always advisable that you seek the help of a veterinarian.

However, in case if you are too curious or desperately want to know the name of a medication that will be good and you can save your dog from fleas and tick then you have to read further

For your little pooch, Bravecto can be the best option. This is one of the best brands of medicine for your pet, in fact, they are also FDA- approved flea and tick preventive.

The Bravecto is a chewable tablet and it contains an active ingredient known as fluralaner. The best part of using Bravecto is- it has the capability of killing adult and juvenile fleas within 2 hours of applying it.

Another amazing part about the Bravecto is- it is also known as the Bravecto large dog. You might have understood why it is called so! The medicine work amazing on the large dogs. However, for the smaller dogs, it is better to use after 6 months. But you must keep in mind that you must buy the Bravecto medication only after consulting with a veterinarian.

While buying a medicine it is also essential that you know what is that medicine capable of doing. Let us learn about the various type of infections that are irradiated from Bravecto.

  • Elimination of fleas and prevention of reinfestation

Fleas are one of the most common diseases that you will get among pets.

By applying Bravecto can stop this problem that too within 2 hours. They can almost kill 98% of fleas and ticks efficiently and within 12 hours.

In fact, it has been seen that if a dog has taken Bravecto and after that, if fleas go near the dog then it will die instantly.

  • Treatment and control of 4 species of ticks

Bravecto also has the capability of managing various type of tick infestations, specifically the species of the black-legged tick, brown dog tick, American dog tick, and the Lone star tick.

This tick carries some of the deadly diseases such as tularemia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and ehrlichiosis. With the help of Bravecto, these diseases can be eradicated. Bravecto large dogs are highly effective against ticks and fleas.

What are the benefits of Bravecto?

Bravecto is one of the most effective treatments of flea and tick. It has a long-lasting therapeutic effect on the dogs. Therefore it also has many benefits and some of the benefits are as follows.

  • Helps kill 4 species of ticks
  • Requires only 4 treatments in 1 whole year compared to 12 monthly doses for other brands
  • Minimizes the risk of missing a dose because of its unique quarterly administration
  • Help kill fleas in as short as 2 hours and achieves the target of giving full protection from flea within 48 hours
  • Requires only 4 treatments in 1 entire year compared to the 12 monthly doses of different other brands.


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